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The Career Center®️ was envisioned by Samuel Edward Koranteng to improve your chances of success in any chosen career. Begin your Greatness today.

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Everything you need

Because modern skills equate to better decision-making in the workplace, equipping yourself with industry skills for your specific role cements your relevance at your job.

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Whatever your industry

Whether you're having a run at your first job, or hitting a career milestone, we can help you upgrade. Deepen your human skills, strengthen your facilitation edge, learn how to write better... whatever it is, there's something here to improve you professionally.

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Manage multiple Projects and Stakeholders like a Pro

Redesign your Resume to Tell your Story like never before

Learn Copywriting for dynamic Sales and Conversions

Grow your audience on Twitter in record time

Give Arousing Presentations like Obama

Delegate work without losing Authority

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Upgrade your Professional Skills

The Career Center®️

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The best way to use The Career Center®️ is via the search bar below. You may also toggle through the various tags atop the search bar. Our resources are hosted on Gumroad and Selar. Select as preferred. At least 50% of our listings are free, and will continue to be as much as possible.

– Samuel Edward Koranteng, Founder

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🌎 Since 2023, more than 400 people have downloaded from The Career Center®️ – it's your turn.

You're in safe company. The best Leaders, Managers, and Executives have improved their decision-making skills with our resources. The best way to learn is to get started, and there is plenty to begin with here.

About Samuel's

Denim Sandwich

When Samuel got promoted in 2019; becoming a manager in the only local cargo airline was somewhat a big deal.But technical ability differs largely from the demands a managerial role introduces. In truth, within months Samuel knew that if he was to succeed in his new role, he'd need people skills – an area of career growth rarely spoken of.Denim Sandwich was born out of this desire to help many like him find their footing navigating the career world as they rise through the ranks of industry.

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Now this...

Writing under the pseudonym Zion Savoir-Faire, he's gone on to create guides, books and templates specifically for young professionals looking to level up at work, advance their careers, or even pivot altogether:

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And it's only the beginning.

Industry-grade resources set to par with the best in the world

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Commute and consume your trip to work now has renewed purpose

Trusted by all an ever-growing list of 100% skilled up professionals.

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We knew you'd still have a few sticky areas to crease out, so we thought this might help, especially if you're simply tired of chasing the rat-race of professional career advancement with the wrong approach.Reach us via any of our contact points: